Tonight's dinner dissolved utterly in debacle when it transpired that my favourite stuffed pasta had never made the journey from my car to the freezer - and we had no emergency backup pasta on hand.

One tall glass of wine and an emergency backup pizza later, and I am approaching peace on this issue, but there's going to be a shopping trip in my immediate future if I don't want the lovely salsa I have chilling in the fridge to go to waste.
Tonight's dinner could, and maybe should, have been a debacle. The couscous that I could have sworn was in the kitchen seems to have mysteriously vanished, which left me scrambling for a grain to serve with our meal. The recipe (Lebanese lentils with greens, from Bryanna Clark Grogan's 20 Minutes to Dinner, with some major variations) turned out well. While I had my tooth set to couscous, the quinoa I substituted wasn't half bad. And for once, I actually got the hang of portion sizes for a change and didn't wind up with enough food for lunch for the next several days. It perhaps could have been better if the corn on the cob had been ready at the same time as everything else, but considering it was a miracle that this meal went off at all, I'm willing to count my blessings in that everything tasted great and went reasonably well together.


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