Slight allergic reaction today as we were walking around prior to taking in Assassins - which, by the way, was wonderful. Of course, I would say that, as it mixes two of my favourite things: true crime and musical theatre. But I digress...

Regrettably, I did not check the pollen count until after midnight, so I have Sunday's count instead of Saturday's, but it is 9.8, which is just on the high side. My reaction was slight, so whatever it was wasn't that triggery. The big three of the day: birch, maple and oak.

I have never reacted to birch in the past. Therefore, I am wondering if it is not maple or oak which was the culprit tonight. The reaction itself was slight - much less than my most recent prior reaction. As soon as the juniper and poplar pollens are out of the air, my allergic reaction decreases dramatically.

It's possible that my previous reaction was mostly to juniper, with a possible assist from maple and/or elm. Tonight's is most likely maple and/or oak.
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( Apr. 30th, 2012 06:25 pm)
10.9 on the pollen scale when the predominant pollens are maple, juniper and elm is nowhere near as miserable as 10.9 on the pollen scale with juniper, alder and poplar.

Tentative conclusion A: poplar still hates me.

Tentative conclusion B: juniper can't be ruled out as a mild allergen. Nor can maple or elm.

New suspects: juniper, maple, elm.
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( Apr. 21st, 2012 01:16 pm)
A routine trip to the vet with the Major culminated in a sneezing fit of epic proportions, followed by eyes so watery you'd swear I was crying. Obviously there is something between my house and the vet's office that I am viciously allergic to. It isn't the evil Bradford pear in my front yard, because that pollen season is pretty much done. No. This is something else. So I went online to to see what they had to say with regards to a potential culprit.

That's where I learned that apparently today is a 10.9 on the pollen scale. That's a scale that goes up to 12.0. Small wonder I am reacting like crazy.

The three most likely culprits are juniper, alder and poplar. Juniper and alder are described as having "significant allergenic properties," but the most likely culprit is the cottonwood poplar, which is a known allergy trigger.

Fortunately the pollen count is expected to drop over the next couple of days. But I am going to keep track of allergy symptoms in an attempt to figure out just what it is that trips my allergies.

Today's pollen perpetrators: Juniper, alder, poplar.
Most likely trigger: Poplar.


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