Taking a break from the Olympic action to indulge in a little teenaged vampire melodrama.

Snippity-doo-dah )

Another hiatus? Seriously?
Yeah, I know the new one airs, what, tomorrow? At least I'm still watching.

What mysteries, what horrible historical reenactments will this episode unleash? )

Is this show losing its charm? This episode seemed a bit lacklustre. Maybe if they'd follow through on those threesomes they keep taunting me with...
Wherein your narrator seeks desperately for diversion. Will she find it? Check behind the curtain. )

Diverting? Yes. Good thing, too, because I was starting to spin a little crazy.
After an ill-advised six-week hiatus (seriously, going on hiatus right after New Moon came out? What were they thinking?), we're back. They must be relying on the magic of TiVo to bring their audience back with them, because if it hadn't been for Vamp Diaries miraculously popping up in my saved queue, I would have forgotten all about it until the first season DVDs came out.

They do seem to be rewarding me for my patience (or forgetfulness, it's hard to tell these days) with a Gina "Hotter Than Fire" Torres guest spot, so I guess I can forgive them.

With that said, on with the show... )

Oh, Vamp Diaries. I barely missed you, but somehow I'm glad you're back.
Wherein, according to the telly guide, dark secrets are revealed. What will they be?

Only her hairdresser knows for sure... )

Yeah. They've got me.
So, it's not quite appointment television but it's definitely morphing into same-night-or-shortly-thereafter television.

That said... on with the show. )

I guess we'll find out next week.
Because of the workmen thumping around the house, I feel uncomfortable watching my other telly addiction, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Oddly enough, Vampire Diaries is marginally less embarrassing. So, tonight is the night I catch up.

In which I actually am interested in what happens next... )

If they keep this up, it'll be a genuinely good show before the end of the season, and not just a guilty pleasure.
For the most part, I've been away from network telly doing other crucial things, like CoX's Halloween event. But I'm back, riffling through the queue of recorded television programs and travelling backward in time, to Halloween or thereabouts.

Roll back the clock... )

Although I find myself warming up to this series, it really would be nothing without Ian Somerhalder.
Summary: Bullied preteen makes friends with strange vampiric neighbour child.

You can come in... )

The Score

An enthralling story, gorgeously shot, but omitting some of Eli's history and certain other subplots weakened the story as a whole. A classic case of the movie, as good as it was, not being as good as the book, which is simply spectacular.
Wherein it the question is asked and presumably answered: does this show actually have the guts to kill one of its main characters?

Let's find out. )

I like this show better when it's not trying to be Dawson's Creek.
Wrapping up!

And now for the final installment. )

Alas, there is no more. But it was brilliant while it lasted.
The computer ate my episode four notes. Gah. Nevertheless, we'll march gamely on to episode five.

Onward! )
After having my palate refined, as it were, by the superior vampire dramas that are Ultraviolet and Being Human, will I be able to dial back my expectations and enjoy the Diaries? Let's find out.

Hopefully this week there'll be no football. )

Methinks that this show has taken a dramatic turn for the better.
Because it's just too hard to stop at one episode...

Spoilers, etc. )

And now I must wait patiently for the second disc in the series.
And we're back, for episode two.

Peel back the curtain to reveal... )

This is not quite like any vampire drama I've seen before, and I very much like the way it's progressing.
Thanks to Netflix, I now have access to Ultraviolet, a brilliant little six-episode vampire drama from the UK, starring Jack Davenport, who I almost literally cannot see anymore without imagining him saying "lesbian spank inferno." You can only imagine what this does to any attempts to view the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

On with the show. )
Wherein the timeless question is asked and answered: is vampire football as tedious as vampire baseball? )

I think this show may be getting better. Or possibly it's growing on me, like a fungus.
With True Blood off the air, most likely until next summer, and The Vampire Diaries proving to be... well, somewhat less than satisfactory, I turn to my DVD collection and Blood Ties.

I discovered Blood Ties by accident, through reading the blog of another fan of Tanya Huff's Vicki Nelson series (upon which the telly show is based). It was originally broadcast on Lifetime, and it remains the most anomalous show they've ever done; they'd run ads for their other offerings, and I'd just shake my head and cringe. In retrospect, this may be why they killed Blood Ties; they simply didn't understand the show or the show's demographic. I can't help but think that it would have been better off in the hands of SciFi. (This sad scenario, of a network running a fantastic show that was deeply at odds with the rest of their programming would later repeat itself with ABC Family and the fantastic The Middleman - but that's another post entirely).

What I liked most about Blood Ties were the characters. Vicki Nelson is tough, sexy and compassionate, Henry Fitzroy is regal and predatory, and Mike Cellucci is hard-nosed and strangely compelling. (I say "strangely" because usually these shows are all about the vampire for me.) I loved this show with a passion that almost rivals my passion for True Blood. So when season one came out on DVD, I snapped it up. And have been saving it for a time when I was feeling vampire-deprived. Which is now.

So, without further ado, let's revisit this thing:

Here there be vampires. )

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to do a vampire show on mainstream television.
Wangsty vampires, ho! )

This show is barely adequate. At this point, Elena and Damon are the only things keeping me watching. I'm not sure what it means that I keep typing "Damn" when I really want to say Damon.
It's finally here, the big finale, which in some questions (hopefully) will be answered, and others will be asked, leaving us to wait nine or more months (at least) for those answers. Will this episode be everything I'm hoping for in a season finale? Will Hoyt and Jessica get back together? Will Jason and Andy manage to accomplish anything of substance? Will Lafayette emerge from his black-eyed zombie trance with some sense of healing, or will this whole experience just revictimize him? Will Eggs die the horrific death I've so cheerfully envisioned for him? Let's find out...

Here there be spoilers, of a sort )

I would have preferred more Eric. I hope the producers can accommodate that request next season.

Also, nice Charlaine Harris cameo. Can't believe I missed that the first time.


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