Thanks to the amazing Dia Moeller at Painted Bird in Medford, I now am the proud owner/canvas of the most insanely beautiful Boston Bruins tattoo in the history of the Bruins organization. I've had the outline on my skin for over a month now, and today the colouring was completed. The whole process took about four hours (two for outline, two for colour) and it is staggeringly gorgeous. Or it will be, once it moves out of the "scabby mess" phase.

I handled the pain well. The outline was mostly just acutely uncomfortable, with the exception of the parts that were right on my shin. The colouring was a little more intense, but I only needed to remind myself to breathe a few times. I numbed out a bit near the end, but every now and then the odd, delicious, jagged bolt of pain shoots up from my leg, reminding me that I'm alive and I have new decoration.

Some particularly auspicious music floated up from the random mix on my iPod during today's session, including Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" and, most appropriately, Jane Siberry's "Hockey."

And my urge for ink has been reawakened. What should I get done once this has healed? I have a 40th birthday tattoo to contemplate.


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