Salman Khan smokes a lot in this film. He's like a walking advertisement for shirtlessness and lung cancer. Overall, the movie works a lot better once you just embrace the movie itself as a vehicle for Salman Khan to take his shirt off and fight. It also helps if you can somehow stifle your misgivings about the "love" relationship - which is really more like creepy obsession - because the courtship half of the movie is really the strongest.

And the ending itself is truly depressing.
Summary: Man stumbles across evidence of a strange cult. Wackiness Chaos ensues.

Beyond here lies madness... )

The Score

As delightful as a tale of horror and gibbering insanity ever can be.
Summary: Bullied preteen makes friends with strange vampiric neighbour child.

You can come in... )

The Score

An enthralling story, gorgeously shot, but omitting some of Eli's history and certain other subplots weakened the story as a whole. A classic case of the movie, as good as it was, not being as good as the book, which is simply spectacular.
Yes. I know. I'm watching this long after the rest of the world has already seen it. Whatever.

Summary: Kind of hard to encapsulate. Let's just go with... super- and not-so-superheroes angst existentially and fight crime as the doomsday clock inches towards midnight.

And the curtain peels back... )

The Score
The parts that worked really worked, but the parts that didn't were seriously detrimental to my enjoyment of the film.


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