It's Rand Paul, telling the poor women of America that they need to keep their legs shut.

Well, not in so many words. What he says is:

"We need to be telling kids 'don't have kids until you're married,'" Paul said. "It's your best chance to get in the middle class is not to have kids. There's all kinds of ways, and we can debate ... but there are all kinds of ways to stop having kids."

He continued: "You know, but we have to teach our kids that. But some of that's sort of some tough love too. Maybe we have to say 'enough's enough, you shouldn't be having kids after a certain amount.' I don't know how you do all that because then it's tough to tell a woman with four kids that she's got a fifth kid we're not going to give her any more money. But we have to figure out how to get that message through because that is part of the answer... It needs to come from ministers and people in the community and parents and grandparents to convince our kids to do something different.

First of all, "all kinds of ways to stop having kids"? Considering that Rand Paul believes that women shouldn't be allowed to abort unwanted pregnancies and doesn't believe that women's health insurance plans should cover their birth control, it looks to me like his "all kinds of ways" boils down to one: abstinence. Which just happens to be he least effective way 'to stop having kids'. Coincidence?

He doesn't believe that women can be trusted to make their own reproductive decisions, and he doesn't believe that women should be allowed to take preventative measures to keep from having children that they cannot afford. While he pays lip service to the notion that having kids when you can't afford them is not a great path to economic self-sufficiency, he rejects all practical means of planning pregnancies. He doesn't care about the logical outcomes of his own policies. He doesn't care about women's life experiences. He doesn't care about making their lives better.

To the contrary, it looks like he's actively seeking ways to make their lives shittier.

I don't even have the words to express the contempt that boils from every pore in my body when I think about what he's really saying here. He wants to set up a no-win scenario so that when women do have those unwanted and/or unaffordable children which are all but inevitable in a world with insufficient access to contraception and abortion, they are penalized (or at least not rewarded) and then maybe even publically shamed for their behaviour.

How cruel. How heartless. How inhumane.
...that whenever a Republican man opens his yap these days to opine on women's reproductive issues, something misogynist falls out.

Oh, yes please, Republicans. By all means, do continue speaking publically about these issues. I'm sure the 99% of women of reproductive age who use contraception can't wait to hear that you think they're a bunch of slutty sluts who slut around, sluttily.

*rolls eyes*


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