I love you, I always will, and maybe one day we can make this work. But this year, I have to question your commitment.

I mean, Kesler's all-in, because Kes never lets me down. Hank's doing his best, too. And it was nice to see you guys manage to score four whole goals without needing to take four games to do it in. That was refreshing! Don't get me wrong, there was some definite progress.

But giving up seven goals to the Islanders (the Islanders!) in the third? That just hurts.

I miss the way things used to be. I miss Bobby Lu. I've stuck with you guys through some epically shitty seasons but this? This is making me lose faith. I wish I understood what was going on with you guys? Do you not like John Tortorella? What? There is so, so much improving that needs to happen and so little season left to do it in. Mathematically, I'm afraid the season is all over for you but the crying.

Look, I'm not saying I want to break up. I just think maybe some time apart would be helpful. I think maybe I need to see other teams for a while. Ones that won't break my heart and leave me crying every time they step out onto the ice. Ones that will justify my faith in them. Ones that can show me how good it feels to cheer for someone who rewards your adulation. Los Angeles, maybe. And you can take that time to, I don't know, practice your golf swings or something.

Don't worry, it's not forever. I'll be back next season. You know I will. And I'm sure you'll redeem my shaky, shaky faith in you then but for now? Well, let's just say, it's not me, it's you.
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( Feb. 7th, 2013 07:12 pm)
A short two years ago, Tim Thomas was a minor god in this city. He pretty much dragged the Bruins through the Stanley Cup playoffs and almost single-handedly won them the Cup despite the team having a power play that could only be described as abysmal. His number was a shoo-in for retirement.

His star started to fade quite a bit after he declined to meet President Obama along with the rest of the team, for what can only be described as selfish and wingnutty reasons. And it pretty much fell out of the sky when he decided that he was going to take a year off to go and live in a bunker and polish his guns while reading Atlas Shrugged instead of playing hockey. You know, like a professional hockey player would, if he were behaving professionally.

And now that he's been traded to the New York Islanders - good luck at making another Cup run there, Timmy - the collective response from Boston hockey fandom seems to be a resounding "Don't let the door hit ya..."

The Boston Globe's poll question was "Do you like the Bruins' decision to trade goalie Tim Thomas?

As of the time I wrote this entry, "Yes, his time here was done" had reached 92.85%

That doesn't sound like a man who's going to be having his number retired in this city anytime soon.
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( Jun. 15th, 2011 11:52 pm)
The Bruins won 4-0. The third game 7 of this series. Tim Thomas has the Conn Smythe trophy as the tournament MVP, and he was absolutely the most deserving person.

I was crying when my mom called - equal measures happiness and sadness. I love my boys. All my boys. Watching Ryan Kesler cry broke my heart. Seeing Tim Thomas' radiant grin made me melt inside. I don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier, but with two teams in the final, I get to have my fondest wishes realized and my heart broken simultaneously. So... emotions are mixed here.
I've said for years that my dream Stanley Cup matchup would be the Bruins vs. the Canucks. My two favourite teams - the best teams in the league - duking it out for the Cup.

I got it this year. And I was so, so happy. Now? Now I'm starting to wish I'd never wished for this. All things considered, I think I'd be happier seeing Boston take on San Jose, or Vancouver meet up with Tampa Bay. Because this is hurting me.

It's not that I'm conflicted, necessarily, about who to cheer for. I'm cheerfully cheering for everyone. No, it's because this has basically lifted up a rock and showed me a really ugly side of Boston fandom. One I never wanted to see. In summary: I love the Bruins, but I'm starting to hate their fans.

Exhibit A: I've had to stop reading Boston-area hockey blogs because I am so fucking sick of the people who said nothing about Max Pacioretty all of a sudden getting concerned about hits when it comes to Nathan Horton. I am equally fucking sick of people whinging about what a weaselly little jerk Alex Burrows is without ever once acknowledging that their beloved Brad Marchand is also a weaselly little jerk. Both sides have dirty hands. No one is a saint. Get over it.

Exhibit B: While waiting in the bathroom line between periods tonight, an overzealous Boston fan came running through the concourse, braying about "Vancouver faggots." I trust I don't even have to deconstruct why this is problematic.

Exhibit C (and really, this pretty much just fucking caps it): After Mason Raymond was hit and lay prone on the ice, Boston fans started booing. They weren't booing the hit on him. Presumably they were booing because they've somehow gotten it into their head that Vancouver is all about the faking of injuries. Not only was Raymond not faking, he was whisked to hospital as soon as they got him off the ice. Two of his teammates helped him to his feet, but instead of applauding - which is the standard protocol for any injured player who is helped off the ice - they began to chant for the Bruins. And one very loud, and one can only hope inebriated, man behind me shouted "Bring out a stretcher and then we're even."

I love the Bruins. I really do. And I'd be lying if I said that my opinion wasn't at least partially clouded by the fact that I love the Canucks, too. We're all hungry for the Cup. Tempers are running high on both sides. I get that. But that's no excuse to be evil to each other, on or off the ice.

If this is what Bruins Nation is going to be like, I'm not sure I want to be a part of it.
Boston wins, and another series heads onward to game seven. Here's why:

The Canucks have had a miserable couple of nights in Boston. They might be able to turn their luck around, but I can't imagine that they aren't at least a little haunted by the ghosts of games three and four. (As a mark of how miserable their previous experiences at the Garden were, my husband told me the following joke: "What's the time in Boston?" "Twelve past Luongo." Yeah.)

All post-season, the Canucks have, shall we say, lacked killer instinct. And to defeat the Bruins on their home ice will take a metric fuckton of killer instinct.

Tim Thomas.

The night before every game that the Canucks have won this series, I have dreamed about a Canuck. (Ryan Kesler, Jannik Hansen and Alex Burrows, in case you were wondering. And no, they weren't those kinds of dreams.) I did not dream about either a Canuck or a Bruin the nights before games three or four. Last night I dreamed about Patrice Bergeron. So there you go. We'll see what, if anything, that portends.

That said, while it is wildly improbable that the Canucks will win tonight, it is still within the realm of remote possibility. In that event, I offer the following prediction:

I will weep tears of pure and transcendent joy.

We'll see what happens.
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( Jun. 10th, 2011 08:05 pm)
Before the game gets started, here are my predictions:

If Boston wins tonight, the series ends in game six in Boston.

If Vancouver wins tonight, the series goes to seven games, and it's anyone's guess who wins.
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( Jun. 8th, 2011 11:28 pm)
Here are some things I know:

1. The Canucks have lost the momentum. The Bruins have gained it.

2. I don't know if Tim Thomas is necessarily an objectively better goalie than Roberto Luongo, but his will is stronger, and that counts for a lot in this game.

3. I was really hoping this series would be close and competitive, like it was in games 1 and 2. Games 3 and 4 are really making me doubt the Canucks' ability to compete.

4. The Canucks need more. More Sedins, more Kesler, more Bieksa, more Bobby Lu. More. Or they will be steamrollered. Monday night and tonight prove that.

5. Whoever wins is getting inked onto my body in some form or other.

6. I thought the ticket prices for game three were crazy until I started shopping for tickets for game six.

7. I thought the ticket prices for game six were crazy when I bought them. When I saw what they were selling for after the B's took games three and four, I reconsidered. Seats next to the ones I purchased will be $200 more per seat than what I paid.

8. We should have bought our game 6 tickets just after game 2. They were much cheaper then.

9. No matter what I think about Bruins ticket prices, they pale in comparison to what fans at Rogers Arena are paying. $1750 for nosebleeds?!?!? It really is cheaper to fly out here and see the game at the Garden. That's kind of terrifying.

10. If the Canucks can't eke out a win at home, the Cup will be presented at game 6. Which just might take the edge off those ticket prices.
The Abbotsford Heat, one of the best teams in the AHL, faced the P-Bruins today, and wonder of wonders, the P-Bruins held their own. We were a little concerned, since the season opener was such a balls-out debacle, but although the P-Bruins struggled mightily at times, they managed to eke out an overtime win, 5-4.

Consequently, for the rest of the season, I wear the team sweatshirt and [personal profile] st_darwin wears the practice jersey. We were fools to try it any other way.
Dear P-Bruins

That was sad. Really, really sad. Unbefuckinglievably sad.

I realize that the Hockey News said some mean things about where you'd rank in the division this year and maybe your feelings are hurt or whatever, but seriously guys, I cannot want you to win games more than you do. Or we're all in trouble. If you're playing your hearts out and are still blown away, I can live with that; what I can't live with is you not trying. Tonight you were not trying.

Tell you what: next time I'll wear my other team shirt and slip my team earrings on backwards and you can show up with, if not your A game, at least a B+ one. Deal?

I want to love you, so stop making that more difficult than it needs to be,
1. Bobby Orr meets Bobby Clarke. How cool is that? The last time I saw these dudes on the ice together (lo, those many years ago), I think they were trying to kill each other.

2. James Taylor's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is ever so much better than the versions typically performed at games by the collective entities that I've come to refer to as the Atonal Children's Choir.

3. Can we just go back to Bobby Orr and Bobby Clarke? My inner child fainted with glee!

4. The acoustics are so different from indoor games. The play-by-play is getting drowned out by the players shouting to each other.

5. Dropkick Murphys. We're shipping up to Boston, indeed.

6. Inside the Green Monstah.

6. Sweet Caroline. Good times never seemed so good. So good! So good! So good!

7. Boston wins. With a weird, weird, anticlimatic goal. But they won.

8. The handshakes. How civilized!

9. While the Olympic announcement with the little kids was, shall we say, cheesy, Timmy's going to Vancouver!

The one thing that overwhelmingly sucked: the blatant product placements. Geico cavemen shovelling snow off the ice; Captain Morgan hanging out in the stands. This cheapens the game, the players, the viewers, and everyone involved. Can we please just make it stop?
Dear NBC

I'd imagine you are paying quite a bit of money for these announcers and on-air commentators. Perhaps if you adjusted your audio mix so that they were actually audible over the roar of the intro music, the crowd, and any random background noise, it might go a long way towards making you a relevant sports broadcaster. Yes, I know you think it won't matter because no one in this country watches hockey, but how do you expect to gain viewers if you keep stuffing up your broadcasts?

You're not going to be doing this all through the Olympics are you? Gah.

Dear Canucks,

I heartily approve of the sound thrashing you gave Montreal. Much more enjoyable than ending every game asking my husband, "I'm paying for Center Ice so we can see that?"

Thank you for getting back on track in time to avoid making it into the history books.

Love (again),
Dear Canucks,
That is the team that everyone is saying has legitimate Cup potential? Seriously? Because... not seeing it. Maybe if you'd stop making Luongo do all the heavy lifting?

Try that. Because it's too early in the season for you to be this painful to watch.

Dear Bruins,
That first game was shaky, but you seem to have found your feet. Thank you for giving me a reason to celebrate the season.

Dear P-Bruins,
See you tomorrow!