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Tomorrow (April 22) is the last day to enter the lottery for discounted party floor Concourse rooms:

Speaking of rooms: if anyone has a WisCon hotel room to share or needs a room to share for this year (at the Concourse or other lodging -- see ), feel free to comment on this post here or make a new post in this community!
There is a link in the logged-in area - for me it is - where you can volunteer to participate on panels that need 1 or more people. All logged-in users can see it, but you do have to log in.

The deadline for volunteering is April 19th (this Friday).

The list shifts as people sign up and as the programming committee processes those signups, but when I last looked, there were dozens of panels in that list, including ones on fandom, anxiety, epistemology, magic, queerness, social media, labor, specific books and TV shows, gaming, science, writing, bodies, improving activist skills, sex, and memorial.

Also, in your account, you can write/update your personal profile, including your short bio (for the pocket program) and long bio (for the web page). The deadline to update profiles is April 15, which is today! So if you know you want to volunteer for programming, do your bio today, then you can look at the "Panels Needing Panelists" list later in the week.
Silk Threads cover art on display

Okay, folks, the time has come! At end of day on April 17th we will be closing the ordering portal on SILK THREADS! So you have until then to purchase paperback or download ebook via:

I’m doing on e last push to try to get some more orders before we close down fulfillment because I under-estimated the shipping on the last batch of orders and now, whoops, I had to shell out that cost out of my own pocket instead of out of Kickstarter earnings. But if I can get ~20 orders or so, it’ll even back out. So spread the word! Last chance!

If you’re just hopping on this train for the first time: SILK THREADS is an erotic Japanese fantasy romance novella collection in three parts, written by me, Midori, and Laura Antoniou. Laura’s section is in a samurai-era past, Midori’s is in a magical shape-shifter present, and mine is in a cyberpunk future. We self-published it through Kickstarter in September 2019 and started shipping rewards to folks in December 2019. Thanks to Christmas printing delays, the Trump tariff war with the Chinese, the Canadian postal strike, and a couple of other snafus, the fulfillment of all the different reward levels took way longer than projected. The last 35 or so packages are going out this week, so that’s why we’re cutting things off now.

Well, and also because we’ve got a publisher! Riverdale Avenue Books will be taking over the book and distributing a bookstore edition through stores and e-tailers like Amazon!

Bookstore Edition!
There’s some chance that the bookstore edition will end up quite different from our Kickstarter edition. For one thing, Amazon may decide that the illustrations are too racy and they could block sale of the book until they are removed. They did that on my illustrated edition of The Prince’s Boy… even the illustrations I considered tame were too much for them.

And the cover. The gorgeous cover art by Stephanie Inagaki! Amazon may decide that a woman covered by her own hair is still a “nude” in which case… they could block the sale of the book the way they did for various books of mine in the past, including The Velderet, or Catt Kingsgrave’s One Saved to the Sea.

So if you want the book as we–the authors–intended, get it now, before you can’t get it anymore.

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