After both float sessions, I've noticed a dramatic increase in the vividness, intricacy, and strangeness of my dreams. I am able to remember them in much greater detail.

Even the ones I don't remember don't disappear entirely. Several days after my first float, I was occasionally struck by little fragments of memory, flashes of events that I can't remember whether I witnessed personally, saw in a movie, or dreamed. There was never enough of the memory fragment to enable me to determine where it came from, merely a haunting wisp of something I'd forgotten that was right on the tip of my ability to remember.

It was a little disorienting when it started happening. It felt almost like an odd reality slip, or recalling memories that were never mine in the first place. After several days of this happening, I realized where it was coming from. They weren't memories; I was being haunted by the ghosts of forgotten dreams.

Of all the things I expected to get from floating, that one never even occurred to me.


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