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( Jul. 25th, 2015 05:27 pm)
Very different from the first. 90 minutes this time. I was much more successful at centering myself in the tank, floating and then holding that position. It was easier for me to relax. Not so much of a struggle.

Weird time distortion. I had been floating for about 40 minutes, it felt like, when the music began playing, signalling the end of my time. I did not think that could possibly be right. It was right.

This was a much more somatic experience. I could feel my pulse emanating in my body. My hallucination today was the universe. All of it. Open and expanding in front of me. An infinity of stars. It was a part of me and apart from me. Surrounding me. Buoying me up. Nurturing me.

It was also a much-needed stripping away of stress and heartache.

The attendant says that the reason their beginner's package is three floats is because the first three can be completely different. I wonder what my next one will be like.


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