Almost broke my arm last night falling up a flight of stairs. I wasn't drunk, just clumsy. I haven't had an epic klutz-out like that in a while. Perhaps not since the time I broke my finger in a freak snow-shovelling accident.

My arm shot out as a I fell forward. I think it was simultaneous, or close enough to be unable to tell which came first. What I do know is that my forearm slammed against the end of the wall as my body's momentum carried me forward. I collapsed at the top of the stairs cradling my arm and doing that laugh/crying thing you do when you hit your funny bone. It took a few minutes for me to get up. That's when I noticed the abrasion.

At least it's not broken, although it's sore as hell today. And I bet once I take the bandage off, I'm going to see a lovely bruise.

(And the rash caused by my growing allergy to bandage adhesive, but that is a story for another time.)
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