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([personal profile] st_emma Jul. 7th, 2015 03:19 pm)
First Float – 60 min @ Float

A slightly cool shower is best, so the tank feels slightly warm when you enter. There is no need to worry about knowing when your time is up, because music plays. Apparently if you fall asleep, the gentle music gives way to Coldplay.

I chose 60 minutes for my first float because I wasn't sure I was up for 90. In retrospect, this was a mistake. I was just starting to really get the hang of it when my time was up. Next time just do 90s or longer. And yes, there will be a next time.

The tank did not feel claustrophobic at all. Once the door was closed and I settled myself in the middle of the tank, it felt like an infinity of space opened up inside the tank. This seemed to expand even more as I settled in and started to really relax.

There is a real resistance to relaxing, at least in my body. I switched between chanting sa ta na ma and the names of deity until I could get my brain into chill-out mode. That's when the visual hallucinations started. Nothing too insane, just swirling purple galaxies – a vibrant, almost unnatural colour. Interesting and beautiful and weirdly soothing.

The consciousness does not want to leave the body. I was very frequently aware that I was a body, floating in a tank, supported by water. But even then, there was a calm, peaceful, almost uterine feeling about it. Like floating in the womb of the cosmic mother.

There were a couple of moments where the borders of my body seriously dissolved and I could reach beyond the body for something else. My yoga experience was helpful with that, I think, because I did manage to achieve a kind of consciousness escape velocity, if only for a very brief moment of time.

When the music began to play, I left the chamber, showered, and padded down the hall to the chill-out lounge. They have some books on floating. About how hard it is to leave the body behind, cross the threshold and leap into pure consciousness. But even if I can't do that, the relaxation factor alone is enough. The last week of tension, fear and anxiety dissolved in a tub full of salt water.

I was so dreamy and calm when I left the facility. I am so dreamy and calm writing this down nearly an hour later. Colours are more colourful, all my senses are more vivid. The wind was pushing the clouds around in the sky, and the leaves were swaying, and everything was very sensual.

I want to do this again. For longer, next time. I want to see where this journey takes me.

Next day notes: The quality of sleep was improved, I think, because I only got about four hours of it and felt moderately refreshed. What's more interesting is that while I was asleep, all of the angles of a vexing situation unfolded for me, enabling me to write them down in neat bullet-points for analysis. Instead of, you know, flailing around the edges of being able to identify them. That's different.


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