First, there was the aggressive lawsuits against anyone else who claimed to be doing anything “for the cure,” because apparently the Susan G. Komen Foundation felt that only they were doing valuable work “for the cure.”

Then there was their abject failure to adequately vet partners for things that might, you know, be strongly correlated with breast cancer.

Then there was the foolish and counterproductive split with Planned Parenthood, orchestrated by the antichoice Karen Handel, then the vice president for public policy (and later a Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate for Georgia governor). Because apparently pissing off a handful of people who don't care about women's health anyway was more of a priority to Komen than funding people who actually provide health care to women.

Then it was revealed that Nancy Brinker was pulling in quite the plush salary for someone heading up a nonprofit ostensibly devoted to health care research. She took a pay cut (and a demotion) after the news broke, but her current salary is still quite extravagant.

Now there's this epic new low in pinkwashing: pink fracking drill bits. Fracking is not a euphemism there. Seriously. It's like the Komen Foundation has embraced its own irrelevance and descended into parodying itself. Their denial of the relationship between fracking chemicals and cancer is laughable.

Why does anyone bother with Komen anymore? If you want to donate money to a breast cancer charity this month, try the Susan Love Research Foundation.


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