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([personal profile] st_emma Sep. 1st, 2014 02:51 am)
Earlier this week, I was shopping at Whole Foods when the in-store music system began to play John Mellencamp's “Jack and Diane.” This is important because I don't want anyone thinking I'm the kind of person who runs around with “Jack and Diane” playing in her head all the time. Prior to hearing it, I had not given it the slightest thought in something approaching a decade.

Anyway, last night in my dream, “Jack and Diane” made an encore appearance. I'm not even sure of the context anymore, but I was listening to the song. And just after Mellencamp sang “Changes come around real soon, make us women and men,” I hear another voice, singing “Ee oo,” slightly out of time with the rest of the music. And even in the dream, I thought “That's weird. I've heard this song dozens of times, and that is definitely not part of the vocal track.”

The song continues and there it is again, this time interrupting Mellencamp. “Ee oo!” It's so out of place it jars me out of the dream. I open my eyes and there's a little black cat standing beside me on the pillow, staring down into my face.

“Eee oo!” she says. Which apparently means “Wake up and pet me now, human, for I am too lazy to walk downstairs and bug daddy even though he's got nothing better to do than play computer games.”

And that's how I came to spend the first forty minutes of my waking Sunday snuggling with a kitty.


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