Fact: John Barrowman has chemistry with pretty much everyone (and everything) he's ever been in a scene with. Male, female, space alien, inanimate object. However or whatever it is, no matter how mundane or sexually unappealing, once you put it in a scene with Barrowman, heretofore undiscovered resevoirs of sex appeal bubble to the surface. The man is a god of sexual chemistry. If you put him in a room with an attractive person (like David Tennant), it's incendiary, but his presence manages to make even Billie Piper and Burn Gorman seem sexually compelling. That is a legit superpower.

Fact: After watching last night's final-season premiere of True Blood, it has become painfully obvious that Anna Paquin has chemistry with absolutely no one she's in a scene with. How else do you explain the fact that Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello, Rob Kazinsky, and Alexander Skarsgard - otherwise perfectly attractive gentlemen - all suddenly become drab and unappealing once their characters fall under Sookie Stackhouse's sway? Granted, the appeal of Moyer and Kazinksy is debatable in some circles, but Manganiello's abs alone are capable of causing women's underwear to spontaneously combust, and Skarsgard can make sitting on a toilet look sexy. Taking men that epically hot and rendering them lukewarm at best is also a legit superpower. Albeit not one that's exactly being used for good.

Hypothesis: Anna Paquin is the anti-John Barrowman.

I wish I was a casting director, just so I could put the two of them in a love scene, just to see what would happen.


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